‘Italy should implement the asylum grant’

  • 10:14 8 February 2024
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Melek Avcı
ANKARA - Anna Bruna Camposampiero, who carries out trade union activities reminding Italy to grant political asylum to PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan, said: "Given that Leader Apo has a confirmed right to asylum in Italy, my country Italy should be one of the first to raise its voice."
A quarter of a century has passed since the international conspiracy against PKK Leader Abdullah Ocalan, which started on October 9, 1998 and ended with his being kidnapped from Kenya and brought to Turkey on February 15, 1999. Abdullah Ocalan has been kept under severe isolation on Imrali Island since the day he was brought to Turkey. A campaign was launched for the physical freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, from whom no news has been received for 35 months, and for the political solution of the Kurdish problem. The "Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan, political solution to the Kurdish problem" campaign, which was launched simultaneously in 74 centers around the world on October 10, 2023, continues to grow.
Campaign participants from all over the world express their demand for physical freedom, emphasizing that Abdullah Ocalan is the only option for the world in war stalemate. Activist Anna Bruna Camposampiero, who carries out union activities in the Italian leg of the campaign, made evaluations to JINNEWS.
Why is Europe silent?
Stating that there are many reasons for years of captivity and absolute lack of communication, Anna stated that the most obvious of these is NATO. Anna, “Turkey is a NATO partner, and is very close to Europe, not only in geographical sense. Istanbul was the Capital of Culture for the European Union in 2010, with a vote of the European Parliament, among other things. European citizens can travel to Turkey with only their identity card, like in any other EU country.  So, I ask myself: why does not Europe make itself heard? The manner of detention of Abdullah Ocalan goes against international law, and it is a clear violation of human rights “said.
'Italy, which grants asylum, should be among the first to raise its voice'
Reminding that Italy granted political asylum to Abdullah Ocalan on October 1, 1999, during the international conspiracy, Anna emphasized that Italy should be the first country to raise its voice against the conditions of isolation and captivity in the context of this decision. Anna added, “My country, Italy, should be among the first to raise its voice, given that Apo has a grant of asylum approved in Italy. It’s mean that Italy recognizes Abdullah Ocalan’s right to receive political asylum as his life is at risk in his country. So why don’t ask for it to be applied? It is urgent that lawyers ad family have news. It is urgent that the inhuman isolation ends. It is urgent that Abdullah Ocalan is released. And we must break the silence.”
'Every day is a war after February'
Stating that the state of war in the Middle East has worsened since the February 15 conspiracy, Anna said: Since the 2000s the situation throughout the region has been worsening. Wars followed one another, artfully constructed to destabilize the region and try to place puppet governments directly under the United States. The lack of reference figures of high political depth has not helped the populations of the area to find a political objective to get out of this permanent war. And the results are there for all to see. We need voices that speak of peace.
'The situation is out of control, a possible risk that conflicts will expand'
Stating that the war being waged has spread everywhere, Anna continued: To destabilize the region to gain total control. Upon closer inspection, it seems to me that the situation has gotten out of hand and the risk of the conflict widening is very real. But it is typical of the United States: first arming someone according to its own interests, only to then realize that it has created a new enemy. I find it increasingly difficult to understand what the objectives were. Syria destroyed. Iraq is in total chaos, the Palestinian genocide is there for all to see, and the war continues in Yemen, it is not clear how far it could extend. The involvement of other figures is now evident. The EU missions in the Red Sea are also worrying. If the objective was truly to destabilize, I would say they succeeded. And Abdullah Ocalan’s arrest is part of the goal of silencing voices that could have been heard. The populations of the area are exhausted, and the anger is only growing.
'We need a big denunciation movement'
Evaluating the latest developments and studies in the campaign activities in which she participated, Anna emphasized the need for more mobility. Anna said, “In Italy we held press conferences simultaneously in many Italian cities. I live in Milan and we have created a presence involving unions, associations and personalities. We need the release of Marwan Barghuti to give Palestinians a voice of peace, and we need the release of Abdullah Ocalan to start looking at the region again with a perspective of peace. And also, we need to put pressure on all those who declare themselves in favor of Abdullah Ocalan’s release to take an open side. We need a great movement of denunciation.”