Prisoners protest for 'Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan'

  • 12:08 6 May 2024
  • News
NEWS CENTER - The action of prisoners who decided to "boycott court, family visits and phone calls" for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan continues.
Political prisoners who started a rotating hunger strike in prisons on November 27, 2023 for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and for the solution of the Kurdish issue have taken their strike to a new stage. The prisoners who ended their hunger strike announced that they will continue their strike with "boycotts of court, family visits and phone calls". The prisoners' action continues in a new phase.
Pointing out that the hunger strike will end on April 4, the statement said, "Our hunger strike action has shown the need to evolve into a new phase as of April 4, the birthday of our Leader (Öcalan). As prisoners, our decision to boycott the colonialist courts, whose racist, discriminatory and fascist features are highly exposed and who do not even recognize their own laws when it comes to Kurdish reality, and our decision not to make weekly phone calls and family visits have been shaped as a result of this need. As of April 4, we want it to be known that we will continue our 'Freedom for Leader Apo, Democratic Solution to the Kurdish Question' move with the slogan 'Living under the same conditions with our leadership' by boycotting courts, family visits and phone calls."