One voice against war and isolation

  • 12:37 2 May 2024
  • News
Öznur Değer
ÊLIH - Thousands of people from 7 to 70 who participated in the rally organized in Êlih for the May 1 Workers' Day, defended freedom against the conditions of war and slavery and sent the message that the order must change.
The life that capitalist modernity imprisons workers and laborers in, where labor is given material forms but material labor is lost in the chain of exploitation, is slavery itself. In all of the Middle Eastern countries, which are sacrificed to capitalism's greed for profit and capital and accepted as cheap labor, laborers and workers are working for almost a full belly. Workers and laborers, who are first turned into slaves of the government and then of the boss, shouted their rebellion against this situation once again yesterday on May Day.
Freedom was the first cry of a nation whose existence was denied
Thousands of laborers from Kurdistan, including Mêrdîn, Amed, Sêrt, Semsûr, Şirnex, Riha, Mêrdîn, Amed, Sêrt, Semsûr, Şirnex, Riha, participated in the Êlih regional rally with the slogan "Let's unite against capitalist destruction, unemployment and poverty" with their flags, aprons and union stamped hats. Although it was a revolt against the existing order, being at the rally was the first thing the laborers of a nation whose existence is denied shouted about was their will and freedom. Among the first demands shouted were the lifting of the deepening isolation of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the provision of freedom conditions and the end of the destruction attack launched by the Turkish Armed Forces in Kurdistan, especially in the Metina region. Of course, a single voice was also raised against the factors such as unemployment, hunger, poverty and the oppression of women that make life unlivable and lead a large proportion of the society to death. The struggle and resistance of thousands of people defending labor against capitalists, rent-seekers and the mentality of exploitation maintained its dominance in the field.
A social response to a life without society
Thousands of people who showed resistance with their slogans, chants, halay and banners showed a clear stance against those who try to make the future futureless, those who try to darken the sun and imprison it in darkness, those who try to instill selfishness and individualism with capitalist feelings, those who try to create individuals without society by destroying social values, those who try to commodify women and children, those who try to recruit capitalists with cheap labor.
A clear stand against police harassment
On a day when working people are in the field, shouting out their demands and rebelling against the order, of course, police harassment and police harassment cannot be expected to be absent. Stopping thousands of people who traveled for kilometers for hours and many times under the pretext of GBT, fining the vehicles they arrived in thousands of TL on absurd and meaningless grounds such as "you stopped in the wrong place", "there is no passenger contract" are examples of psychological pressure. Despite all these policies, the laborers who came to the field and showed their determination in the field responded to the government once again: "This order will change."