Lucia Rossa: Öcalan's thoughts are the answer to those who say it is the end of history!

  • 14:54 24 January 2024
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ANKARA - Lucia Rossa, "His holistic and dynamic thought shows that history is not over and above all, it is important to develop democratic and truly radical political thought even in the 21st century. It has shown that it is still possible."
The global campaign launched for the physical freedom of PKK Leader Abdullah Öcalan and the political solution to the Kurdish problem continues to spread. One of the most striking events within the scope of the campaign, which started in 74 centers around the world on October 10, 2023, is the "Days of Reading Abdullah Öcalan's Books". Many intellectuals, writers, academics and students participated in the readings and discussions held at the reading days held in many countries.
One of the participants in the “Reading Days” is Lucia Rossa, a philosophy student from Italy.  Lucia  , who is also in the Kurdish Freedom Movement Solidarity Group, told JINNEWS about Abdullah Öcalan's paradigm and reading days.
'Isolation is silencing the ideas of the most revolutionary thinkers'
Lucia, who primarily addressed the isolation that has been going on for more than a thousand days, considered it "a way to silence ideas." Lucia, said, "I believe that the solitary confinement regime Mr.Ocalan is subjected to is an exceptional case in the history of contemporary political detention. such a violation of human rights and the number of actors involved in the international conspiracy show that this torture regime is primarily a way of silencing the ideas of the most revolutionary thinker of the last century."
He challenged those who said 'There is no alternative'
Lucia stated that the PKK Leader showed that it was possible to develop radical political thought, and added, "I believe that the reason why the campaign for liberation and a political solution to the Kurdish question has become so popular is that from all corners of Europe and the world, people are looking at the situation in the Middle East and in particular the Rojava revolution as a beacon of hope. In fact, so many people believe that the social organisation model of democratic confederalism can also be a real solution to the social problems that afflict European citizens and therefore recognise in the person of Mr. Ocalan not only the author of the ideological framework of this revolutionary experiment, but also the only guarantee that the democratic line in the Middle East can be maintained.”
'The only guarantor of the democratic line is Öcalan'
Lucia stated that the reason why the campaign for physical freedom, which was launched on October 10, 2023, has become so widespread all over the world is because the paradigm offers an alternative to every region and is a ray of hope; "As I said, the issue here is really the repression of ideas and a battle on the ideological level. i think people are so interested in reading Ocalan's books because he is the only philosopher and revolutionary who has been able to challenge the neoliberal hegemony of 'there is no alternative' and demystify the narrative about the end of ideologies and the end of history. His holistic and dynamic thinking has shown that history is not over and that, above all, it is still possible to develop democratic and truly radical political thought even in the 21st century.”
‘His texts offered awareness and encouragement’
Lucia, who participated in the reading days held within the scope of the campaign, stated that as a philosophy student, she experienced a deep enlightenment and awareness here and continued as follows: “I have read some of the books translated into Italian, but the ones that struck me the most are certainly Beyond the State, Power and Violence and Sociology of Freedom. The most interesting part of the first is the one in which Middle Eastern society and the history of the Kurdistan Workers' Party is analysed. as regards the second, I was truly fascinated by the perspective of the system of democratic civilization as a new school of social sciences because it led me to question much of Western sociology and historiography which are strongly determined by a positivist approach.. What political, social and academic institutions lack is the courage to denounce the situation of isolation and torture, either out of fear or out of interest. But beyond these official institutions, society across Europe is ready to play a decisive role in the campaign for Ocalan's release"
Censorship because…
While the world is reading Abdullah Öcalan's books, Lucia also evaluated the fact that his books still face censorship in Turkey and said, " I am a philosophy student at university and I had never approached such an interesting political thought before. reading his texts made me realise the extremly Eurocentric and statist approach of my academic training and offered me very important stimuli for reflection and deepening, especially with regard to the need to recompose the history of civilisation from the history of women. I believe that the repression with respect to the possibility of discussing Ocalan's texts in Turkey is linked to the fact that in his books Ocalan outlines a possible resolution of the Kurdish solution and democratisation of Turkey with which Turkish society could agree. This is why the state cannot allow the spread of an alternative awareness to the hegemony of Erdogan's dictatorship.